About Me

robertgillisHaving grown up in Dorchester, Boston is my favorite city.   As a kid, my family vacationed in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and I was amazed by the spectacular natural beauty of that area.  Over the last decade, I re-discovered my love and connection with the Ocean and everything Nautical around Coastal Maine, Massachusetts, and beyond.    I also have a passionate connection to my hometown of Foxboro Massachusetts.

I LOVE capturing an image of God’s beauty in nature and the wonder of the man-made iconic spots. I have been taking pictures since I can remember.  I love capturing just the right angle — or the angle no one else sees — or waiting for just the right light to showcase the beauty of a moment in time.

For me, my photography is my passion. In a world that seems to be moving faster and faster all around us, my photography keeps me centered. Beauty and grace ARE all around us, we just need to slow down a bit, stop for a moment and take notice of it and appreciate it. That is what my photography does for me and my hope is that it would offer the same sense of peace and appreciation to all who see it.

My photos are natural.  My post-processing technique consists of small adjustments to faithfully recreate what I saw at the moment.    I do not over-correct or enhance an image to produce colors that don’t exist in nature.   I want the final image to look as close to the what your eye would see at the moment the picture was taken. I share my photos in hopes that they bring as much joy to everyone as it does me. 

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