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77 Castle Island - Winter Snow



  • Description:  A view of Castle Island. Originally freestanding, Castle Island has been connected to the mainland since the 1930s, when streetcars brought bathers to Pleasure Bay. Fort Independence, located on Castle Island, is a five pointed granite structure. The current structure is the eighth fort to occupy this site and contains over 172,687 linear feet of hammered stone and was constructed under the direction of Colonel Sylvanus Thayer between 1834 and 1851. The fort is open during the summer months, and visitors can explore independently or take a free tour. The fort and the island are on the State and National Registers of Historic Places, and Fort Independence is a National Historic Landmark. There are views to Logan Airport and the Harbor Islands, and visitors can observe boating activity in the Harbor. The area is excellent for jogging, walking, picnicking and hiking, and there is a fishing pier and swimming area.
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  • Keywords:  Castle Island, Fort Independence, snow, South Boston, winter
  • Added:  Mar 19, 2013
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  • Title:  77 Castle Island - Winter Snow
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