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07 Boston Esplanade - Hatch Shell



  • Description:  Beginning near Boston's Museum of Science, the Esplanade also known as the Charles River Esplanade extends west to the Boston University Bridge. The Esplanade is part of the larger Charles River Reservation, a linear waterfront park that starts in Boston Harbor and goes some 20 miles up the Charles River. The Esplanade stretches almost three miles along the Boston shore of the Charles River, from the Museum of Science to the Boston University Bridge. “The Esplanade” is the popular name for the parkland, first used about 1910. It is a French word meaning promenade along a shore. The park is made land, created in several stages from landfill. An estimated two to three million people visit the Esplanade every year. The Esplanade is under the control of the Department of Conservation and Recreation DCR, part of the state’s Executive Office of Environmental Affairs. Every July, the Boston Esplanade becomes the epicenter of Boston's huge multi-day Independence Day celebration. The free Boston Pops July 4th concert at the Hatch Shell, followed by the spectacular Boston fireworks display over the river, draws crowds of half a million and more. The Boston Pops also play a concert on July 3rd for those who just want to hear music. The beautifully ornate art deco-style Hatch Shell provides the perfect setting for these and other free outdoor concerts held throughout the warm months.
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  • Title:  07 Boston Esplanade - Hatch Shell
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