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24 Gloucester - Tablet Rock



  • Description:  "On this site in 1623, a company of fishermen and farmers from Dorchester, England, under the direction of Rev. John White, founded THE MASSACHUSETTS BAY COLONY. From that time the fisheries, the oldest industry in the commonwealth, have been uninterruptedly pursed from this port. Here in 1625, Gov. Roger Conant, by wise diplomacy, averted bloodshed between contending fractions, one led by Myles Standish of Plymouth, the other by Capt Hewes, a notable exemplification of arbitration in the beginnings of New England. Placed by citizens of Gloucester,1907. 24 Gloucester - Tablet Rock
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  • Keywords:  Gloucester, memorial, plaque, rock, tablet, tablet
  • Added:  Apr 14, 2013
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  • Title:  24 Gloucester - Tablet Rock
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