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28 Boston Sneakers on Statues - Sam Adams



  • Description:  With gas prices so high, in September 2005, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino got the idea that people in Boston should ditch their cars and walk more. Working with a Boston advertising agency and raising money from local business leaders, he asked a team of artists from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts to fit some of Boston’s statues with new shoes But it's not all about gas prices the ''Sneakers on Statues campaign is part of a tourism program. The statues donning special footwear included--Faneuil Hall Red Auerbach and Sam Adams Old City Hall Ben Franklin, Democratic Donkey and Josiah Quincy Boston Public Garden George Washington and Make Way for Ducklings Copley Square Tortoise and Hare North End Paul Revere and Prudential Center Quest Eternal. The exhibit ran until September 18, 2005. 28 Boston Sneakers on Statues - Sam Adams
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  • Title:  28 Boston Sneakers on Statues - Sam Adams
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